Charities 2019


· Each Aquabox contains filter + over 70 humanitarian aid items

· Water filter  produces safe and clean drinking water instantly and reliably without the need for chemicals

· Delivers 1 litre per minute  ( Half a million litres over its working life)

· Shelter Materials /tools , Blankets/ Sheets , cooking utensils, personal hygiene items, baby/childrens’ clothing , educational items , toys


· Practical and emotional support for serving personnel, veterans and military families

Support Dogs

· Dedicated to training assistance dogs to transform lives of people with epilepsy , physical disability and children with autism

· Registered charity , no government funding 

Inside Out

· St Peters Derby City

· Working with newly released prisoners and those at risk of re offending

APS Support UK

· Antiphospholipid syndrome – sticky blood

· Early diagnosis and treatment could prevent heart attack, stroke, DVT, miscarriage

Mountain Rescue

· Voluntary emergency service  attending  callouts in response to Police

· On call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, consists entirely of unpaid volunteers.

Marie Curie

· Registered UK charitable organisation providing care and support to people with terminal illnesses and their families.

· Marie Curie can help with clear, useful information about living with a terminal illness to expert nursing care at home. 

Charities 2018

Derby Hospitals Charity

· Worked in partnership with Derby Hospital Choirs to secure 4 Orthopaedic hydrotilt chairs

· Crucial in enabling mobility after hip replacement operation


· Talking Books making a difference for many blind and partially sighted people helping to end their isolation

· Give freedom to ‘read ‘ again.

· Cost to sponsor a new Talking Book (Adult £2500, children’s £1500)

· Achieved April and submitted £2500

International Charity Friends of Kenya

· Small UK registered charity committed to helping orphaned and abandoned children in districts of Kenya

· Motto "Out of poverty through education"

· Best way to help a child escape the poverty trap is to enable him/her to attend school.

· Bio Mass stoves – 15,000 people a year die through use of wood burning stoves

· Secured 2 bio mass stoves now in situ in Kenya

Charities 2017


· Our principle charity which provides free respite breaks for disadvantaged children from across the UK, and has three holiday centres, including the Daleside Retreat near Ashbourne

· The Club embarked on an ambitious project to renovate a number of previously unkempt and unloved gardens at the Daleside Retreat

· A large number of man hours from club members and volunteers together with the generosity of local companies and individuals resulted in a wonderful transformation of the gardens into modern, tidy and well designed areas that will be used equally by volunteers and children as areas for relaxation and enjoy

Charities 2014-2015

Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre


Our efforts will be focussed towards this outstanding charity, which enables disadvantaged children from our local area to enjoy a seaside break - something that many families would these days take for granted.

Friends of the Baby Unit 


Many of our own members' children or grandchildren have benefited from the superb Special Care Baby Unit at the new Derby Royal Hospital.

Weare giving our full support in 2013/14 to raising money for the Friends of the Baby Unit in order to purchase a new incubator.

Padley Centre Derby

Once again we will work to support Padley as our second local charity.Padley is a Derby based charity founded in 1985 delivering services to people with complex needs.

We hope that our efforts at the Antiques Fair at the Roundhouse in March 2013 will help move us towards our target contribution of £1,000.

At the meeting on the 6th June we were pleased to present Pat Zadora with a cheque for £540 bringing the total to £1,040.  

New Futures Nepal

Their first project in 2002/3 was to help an orphanage known as 'The Hope Centre' in Kathmandu, which was being run by Nepali volunteers. The next year a Sponsor a Child scheme was launched.

Since then they have provided funds for specialist medical care to individual children, helped support two street children projects in Kathmandu and are now funding the further education fees of two of the older girls from the Hope Centre.

As of September 2011 they were supporting 30 resident children, 2 young adults and 2 disabled adults in homes in Kathmandu and Kalimpong, Northern India.

We hope to be able to provide further support under the Sponsor a Child scheme and assist with important building and maintenance work and features of their educational provision. 

We were very pleased to receive a cheque for £5,000 from The Ryklow Trust to support New Nepal Futures. This plus the club contribution for 2012/13 of £1,000 took the total presented to Andrew Small, on behalf of New Futures, to £6,000.

Picture shows Andrew being presented with cheques.

End Polio Now

We will also continue to support the End Polio Now campaign and work with the other Derby Rotary clubs to raise public awareness of Rotary International's pivotal role in the eradication of polio worldwide.

Through Service